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The park of Tempelgården is a treat for all the senses. See Olle Krantz beautiful and personal sculptures in white among fruit trees, large areas of grass and flowers. 


Feel the smell of nature, hear the birds sing, drag your hand along a sculpture and feel it's course surface that is typical for the sculptures of Olle. 


Many of the sculptures is carrying a message from it's creator. The Neptuni group with it's aim towards the highs of the sky, the chess pieces along the avenue that symbolises our roles in society, "The thinking lady", a feminine version of the classic "Thinker", the brazen bronze bulls and many more. 


In the spring when all the trees are blooming, in the summer when all the roses share their colors and the grass it's softness. In the autumn when all 62 fruit trees bear fruit och crackling autumn colors. - Tempelgården is truly a beautiful place all year round.

But we ask you to respect the open hours, if the gates are open you are welcome inside, otherwise you are welcome another time. Please check our front page for open hours here so that our cabin guests can enjoy the peaceful stillness in late evening and early morning.


Welcome to visit us here at Tempelgården!

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