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With paintings by Tempelgårdens founder Olle Krantz


The Temple was built 1913 in the harbor of Visingsö to function as an art gallery for the world peace congress by the theosophic society. One of the theosophic leaders, Katherine Tingley, was the person behind the initative. At that time art was featured by painters like Carl Larsson, Zorn and Milles. The Temple was eventually moved to the southern part of the Island where it was used as a classroom for the Raya Yoga school of the Theosophic movement. After the Theosophic society leaving the Island the Temple was eventually dismantled. Many years later Olle bought the pieces of the dismantled temple and according to rumours he was moving the pieces one by one on his scooter. Today the Temple is featuring about 60 original paintings by the Tempelgårdens creator Olle Krantz.


In the Temple you can know more about Katherine Tingley and the time when the Theosophic movement was active in Visingsö. 


The paintings by Olle is expressive, colorful and needs to be experienced first hand! 


Olle was a person with a vision that he managed to turn into reality. Many of the paintings is carrying a message from Olle and we at Tempelgården are happy to tell you more about the life of Olle and his creativity. Maybe you want to interpret the paintings by yourself, or maybe you want to hear the story behind them. It is all up to you!


Inside the temple you can buy posters of Olles paintings as well as postcards.

The posters is also for sale in our Webshop.

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